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Experience charging worries no more with India’s first ever power bank rental charging station. Be on the go, carry a Jiffycharge with you whenever you need and wherever absolutely hassle free.Battery drained out while on an important work call?

  • – No plug point available near you?
  • – Unable to browse due to low charge?
  • – All your charging issues now have the best accessible answer.

Millennials today depend more on mobiles and technology than anything else and thus it has become all the more important for their availability 24/7 irrespective of time and place. Imagining zero battery in today’s scenario is a nightmare none of us wish to see at any point of the day.

Jiffy takes charge thus, to help every mobile user with a quick, hassle free charge opportunity when you need it the most and at the most unexpected situations and places. The first of its kind power bank rental station that lets you rent a power bank at the best time of need and works as per your convenience.

Get back on track and stay on the go in a Jiffycharge.

Move swiftly and stay on demand with your virtual world’s power on 100% charge.

Running out of battery is no more a worry with Jiffy Charge.

Charge your phone with a JIFFY CHARGE.

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